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Get generator information
before you need it.

Proactive maintenance gives you
peace of mind.

Gen-Tracker is the
smart choice for residences.


Generators are a lot like vehicles. They require regular operation along with a routine schedule of maintenance to prevent their engines from seizing or failing during an emergency event. But because you aren’t checking your generator every day, you may miss problems as they arise. Entire generator failures may even go unnoticed until that next outage event — and you’ll  be left in the  dark waiting for generator service that can cost twice the  regular service rates.

Monitoring your generator with Gen-Tracker gives you peace of mind that your generator is going to operate when you need it. Together with your service company, Gen-Tracker will notify you the moment a missed exercise or failure occurs so that you can work with your service company to get the issues addressed quickly. Your generator will be back up and running before there is a problem.

Save money and time — and avoid hassles.

Gen-Tracker is a cloud-based, event-driven solution that monitors the critical functions of your generator 24 hours a day. When a change in status or failure occurs, you and your service company will be notified via SMS text message and/or email. Your service company can then take proactive measures to resolve any problems during normal operating hours, ensuring your generator will run when you need it.  

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