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Commercial Generator Monitoring

Time without power is money lost. That’s why you invested in a generator and why you rely on a service provider to take care of your equipment to ensure its operation in an emergency event. The problem is your generator service provider may have hundreds or thousands of customers they’re responsible for. Without commercial generator monitoring you could be left short of timely service.

With over 90% of generator failures occurring during regular exercise operation, not outage and emergency events, remote generator monitoring becomes essential to detect problems and fix them before they have a real impact on your business.

By installing Gen-Tracker, you can provide critical information to your service company the moment an event occurs.  You move to the top of their priority list – and get service before the next emergency.


Get the reports you need automatically.

Commercial generator monitoring is a must-have industrial solution. From emissions and insurance reporting requirements, failures, outages, and utility savings programs, documentation is key. Gen-Tracker provides automatic and remote generator monitoring with immediate notification and reporting on major generator functions, making these various reporting requirements easier than ever before.


Meet emerging regulations.

States such as California and New Jersey are paving the way in emission standards for standby generators, and that necessitates the right commercial energy monitoring system. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in major fines, sometimes multiplied by every generator operation in poor air quality or unapproved operation times. Gen-Tracker can help these new regulations with documented test results.


Save on your service programs.  

Preventative Maintenance programs are necessary to keep your generator performing at its best, but these programs can also be quite costly with quarterly, bi-annual, and annual inspections. Incorporating Gen-Tracker can allow you to spread some lighter services like battery replacement programs and “drive-by” inspections.


Make the most of power transfer programs.  

If you’re investing in a standby generator for the cost savings of peak shaving or load shedding programs, there’s a better way to manage transfers: Gen-Tracker offers generator remote monitoring and control.


Here’s how it usually works:

Your facility transfers over to generator power during peak usage times determined by the utility, putting less stress on the grid which results in cost savings on energy bills.  Some programs are managed automatically through equipment provided by the utility company. Some are less sophisticated, initiated by nothing more than a phone call to the facility manager who manually starts the generator to transfer load. In any case, the utility regularly audits energy consumption to verify compliance.

Here’s a better way to do it:

Incorporate a Gen-Tracker system for your commercial generator monitoring. Gen-Tracker can be configured to remotely initiate transfer of the facility to generator power. It also provides independent reporting of generator functions, allowing you to independently double-check the utility company’s audit.

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