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Generator monitoring

How Gen-Tracker Works

Gen-Tracker is the only truly universal monitoring solution for standby generators

Gen-Tracker is a cloud-based, event-driven solution that monitors a generator’s critical functions 24 hours a day. When a change in status or failure occurs, you and your service company will be notified via SMS text message and/or email.


Gen-Tracker + Generator


Gen-Tracker Data and
Processing Center


Email and Text Notification

Get proactive.
Get Gen-Tracker.

With Gen-Tracker, you have the information you need to take action.  You can resolve any problems during normal operating hours, saving you time and money. That means no more unexpected outages.   

Our Products

GTU Series

The Gen-Tracker Universal Series system (GTU) is a universal solution for standby generators of every make, model, age, and size — from 8kw to 2MW. Our unique approach to monitoring focuses more on the ATS instead of the  generator controller  — giving us the Results Readings provided by any gen set solution.

MBX Series

The newest addition to the Gen-Tracker family, the MBX Series is a modbus based device designed for quick and easy installation on a number of different generators. The direct digital connection provides you with all the major faults and alarms provided by your generator controller.


Our Services


Time without power is money lost. That’s why you invested in a generator and why you rely on a service provider to take care of your equipment to ensure its operation in an emergency event. The problem is your generator service provider may have hundreds of customers they’re responsible for. Gen-Tracker helps you stay on top of their priority list.


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Generators are a lot like vehicles. They require regular operation along with a routine schedule of maintenance to prevent their engines from seizing or failing during an emergency event. But because you aren’t checking your generator every day, you may miss problems as they arise. Entire generator failures may even go unnoticed until that next outage event — and you’ll  be left in the dark waiting for generator service that can cost twice the regular service rates.

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