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Over 90% of generator failures occur during the regular exercise schedule, but most of those failures go unnoticed until an emergency event. That means there’s an opportunity to provide a better solution for your customers.

Gen-Tracker is the only truly universal monitoring solution for standby generators. We give your company a single-source solution to help manage your customers and provide them with the critical monitoring information for their generator regardless of make, model, age, or size.

Incorporating Gen-Tracker into your service department helps you develop a more proactive approach to maintaining generators and serving your customers. Regular reports of system status and instant notifications of major failures and outages make the difference.

How Gen-Tracker Works

Our unique approach to generator monitoring is focused more on the ATS rather than the generator itself. With our ‘Results Readings’ you are notified if any changes occur at your customers’ facilities by monitoring the one thing that is constant across all gen set —the ATS.

The more capabilities of your gen set, the more information Gen-Tracker can provide. Contact us for a detailed list of available information, including all major faults and alarms with their detail, average current during load, and more.

Our independent readings include:

  • presence of voltage on each side of the ATS (utility power, generator power, and building power)
  • generator battery condition
  • fuel level
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