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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Gen-Tracker work with my generator?

Yes, Gen-Tracker is a universal solution for any permanently installed standby generator sized from 8kw to 2MW.

How do I get a Gen-Tracker on my generator?

Contact your local generator service provider and ask for Gen-Tracker, or contact us to get a list of dealers in your area.

Do I need to get an additional line with my cell phone company?

No, all data communications are included with your annual subscription.

I received an alert from my Gen-Tracker, what do I do?

Read the alert details and login to your account to get more information and determine if you need to contact your service provider. When in doubt, contact your dealer or our support team.

How do I login to my account?

Logins are setup by your Gen-Tracker dealer. Once setup, you can access your account any time with an internet connected device by clicking Customer Log In.

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