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How it Works



How Gen-Tracker Works

The Gen-Tracker system is an event-driven monitoring solution for standby generators. This universal approach will give you with the critical information you need to know that your generator is going work when you need it.

Each system is outfitted with a communication module that communicates directly with the Gen-Tracker data center at our headquarters in Minnesota. Every time your generator exercises, fails or changes state, it will immediately send that information to our data center which will instantly process that information, publish to your secured web portal and issue notifications via SMS Text Message and/or Email to as many recipients as required.


Why monitor?

Over 90% of generator failures occur during the regular exercise. That’s information you need long before an emergency or outage. Working together with the generator owner and local service provider, you will get instant notification when a problem arises.  Whether you have one generator or a dozen, Gen-Tracker gives you the tools to proactively maintain your service and operation with a single point of access.

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