Gary Bance - President

The founder of Generator Solutions, Inc. and the Gen-Tracker generator monitoring system, Gary is a certified master electrician of over 30 years. Working in the industry and specializing in generators for the better part of his career, Gary saw the need for a simple and effective monitoring device for standby generators. In pursuit of a solution, the first generation of the Gen-Tracker system was born. Developed for generator specialists by a generator specialist from the ground up has brought us to versatile, affordable and effective system we have today.

Dan Bance - Senior Engineer

Dan has been with Generator Solutions for the better part of a decade and has been the lead developer of the last three generations of the Gen-Tracker system. With years of programming expertise Dan has been the head of research and development for Generator Solutions bringing us to the next level of service and monitoring solutions.

Dane Olson - Operations Manager

Dane brings a unique level of expertise in service, management, and marketing. Having held management roles in manufacturing, retail, and hospitality; Dane has been integral in the latest developments of the Gen-Tracker system, marketing campaigns and providing a higher level of service to our dealers.

Our mission is to provide a simple, cost-effective generator monitoring technology that provides an improved quality generator service to the customer.