How it Works

How Gen-Tracker Works

Gen-Tracker is a nationwide product sold through our dealer network, so you can be assured that your local generator service provider and Gen-Tracker dealer will be at your service in the event of an issue with your generator.

The Gen-Tracker was designed to be the most practical generator monitoring system available. What makes the Gen-Tracker so unique is our advanced fault logic. The Gen-Tracker monitors the status of the transfer switch start contacts. We use this information and the generator run information to infer generator faults. This advanced logic both eliminates the need for a common fault relay and even catches conditions that a common fault relay is likely to miss such as a tripped main breaker or a generator not in auto.

The Gen-Tracker panel, installed near the transfer switch, monitors your generator’s operation. When the generator starts, stops, or fails to start when needed, the monitoring system sends a signal to the Gen-Tracker data center using an existing phone line, Internet connection or GSM cellular service. The data center processes the signals, updating your web page and sending out appropriate notifications via e-mail and/or text messaging.

Generators are designed to perform a self test, usually every 7 or 14 days. The Gen-Tracker sends out an alert if your generator fails its regular self test.

The Gen-Tracker has three on-board relays that can be used to remote start a generator and transfer load. There’s even a built in exerciser clock that can be set locally or remote activated. Some states limit generator exercises during the summer months making this and ideal solution.

All generator signals are viewable through our website. Both dealers and customers can get real time alerts to any monitored generator condition.