Frequently asked

How can I get a Gen-Tracker?

The Gen-Tracker is sold through authorized dealers. Contact Generator Solutions to become certified as a dealer.

How do I know my generator is working?

When the generator performs its self-test, the Gen-Tracker verifies the generator's operation. You can also view your generator activity on-line at any time. If your generator should fail, notifications will be sent per customer instructions.

Is there any warranty on the monitoring service?

Yes. The Gen-Tracker is warranted for 3 years on all parts, excluding the backup battery. Labor is not included.

Can I terminate my monitoring agreement?

Yes, you can terminate at the renewal date.

Will notifications be sent if the generator fails during an outage?

Yes. The Gen-Tracker monitoring system contains a backup battery to ensure reporting and connectivity.

My installation has two transfer switches. Which one do I monitor?

The Gen-Tracker can be mounted at either transfer switch. Either choose the switch with the more important loads or the switch that will be easiest to install at.

What should I monitor with the auxiliary contacts?

The Gen-Tracker very accurately reports generator faults and a common fault is considered unnecessary. The auxiliary contacts are recommended for low fuel, pre-alarms, and transfer switch position

If I choose the cellular option, do I need additional cellular service or contract?

No. There is no additional cost for the cellular system; all costs are rolled into your annual monitoring fee.

Are your servers secured or backed up?

Yes. They are secured and backed up at the Gen-Tracker data center.